"One book, one pen, one child & one teacher can change the world.”

Guidelines for Parents :

Teacher cooperation is essential for compltet and harmonious development of a student’s personality. To bring out the best in a child, family influences should help to inculcate in him/her the desirable behavior patterns, healthy habits and positive attitudes in personal and social life. .

Please note the following points in the interest of the child
  1. Diary should be used as a means of communication with the parents and school.
  2. Please countersign the remarks made in the school diary and advise your child suitably.
  3. Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper uniform as per the specification and design laid by the school.
  4. Impress upon your ward that they should and observe punctuality of time regularly and should not miss the school for even a day, unless it is unavoidable. Leave rules should be followed and note should be fentered in the Absentees record column.
  5. It is vital for the students to do homework regularly.
  6. No valuable articles should be worn by students or should be sent with the student. Pupils must be responsible for their own books, pens, cycles, tiffin boxes, or any article brought to school. The school does not hold any responsibility for loss of any personal articles or valuables.
  7. Parents are expected to see the progress card carefully. The report card signed by the parents, should be returned back to school within three days of its receipt.
  8. They are requested to pay the school fees regularly.
  9. Parents are not allowed to speak ti their ward or take them away from the school premises during school hours without the permission of principal.
  10. Parents are requested to meet the teacher or the principal on prior appointment.
  11. A minimum advance notice of 3 days in the form of a written application to the office is imperative for issuing any certificate.
  12. Please insist on printed receipt against every payment, you pay to the school.

Guidelines for Students :

Every student must
  1. Bring his/her school diary to the school everyday.
  2. Come to the school clean, well groomed and in proper uniform with polished shoes.
  3. Remain regular in attendance and never come late to the school.
  4. Attend morning prayers and other school activities.
  5. Bring all the text books and the writing materials required for the day.
  6. Study diligently and attentively in the class room, never waste your time while at school.
  7. Ensure that your name, class, subject, etc are marked on your books, exercise books, tiffin box, water bottle etc.
  8. Be ready to pick up good habits and shun bad ones; learn the social manners and prepare yourself for healthy citizenship in a democratic society.
  9. Remember that the school is for your improvement and growth and always be willing to respect its discipline and rules framed for the purpose.
  10. Look after the school property; help to keep it clean and avoid all pencil/ink marks on the walls and furniture.
  11. Keep your class room clean, throw waste paper into the waste paper baskets only.
  12. Insist your parents to sign your school diary daily and also the Examination report card within two days.
  13. The students are advised not to bring valuables like costly watches. Gold ornaments to school.
  14. Be ready to lend a helping hand at home to parents, brothers and sisters, at school to teachers and companions.
  15. Students should attend school in proper uniform.
  16. Take help from teachers to learn your lessons well.
  17. Read the complete question carefully, think and the start writing & follow the examination rules properly.
  18. Don’t hesitate to contact the principal, if there is any difficulty.

Examination & Promotion :

  1. Besides monthly test & 4 Unit test, two terminal and an annual examinations will be conducted during the academic year.
  2. Promotion to the next higher classes will be decided on the basis of cumulative records of the examination.
  3. If any student fails for two consecutive years in the same class, he/she will be not allowed to continue in the school.
  4. If any student is caught using unfair means he/she will be expelled from the rest of the examination. In case of a second incident, the student shall be expelled from the school.
  5. Minimum attendance of the student should not be less than 90%.
  6. In order to appear in terminal and annual examination, the student must clear the fees, other dues and fines.