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St G. M. School at Hindpiri, Ranchi is a diverse, scholarly community dedicated to serving education through teaching  and outreach. It is our mission & we are committed to serving children through learning, producing research that improves the practice of education.

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Alumini Testimonials

  • I am working with KPIT Technology Bangalore as a Senior Software Engineer, I always fear how I will get job as I struggle a lot due lack of communication skills, low confidence. But studying at St.G.M. has boasted my confidence as the School course not only focuses on curricular but also the overall improvement of personality. I am thankful to all the faculties and mentors who helped me learn and groom to survive in the industries..

    Mohsin Alam, Ranchi
  • St. G.M. School is the ensign of delivering content and high-quality knowledge in a swift and smooth way. A beautiful and lush green campus setting, classmates from many different cultures & backgrounds, lecturers with industry practice and academic thinking.

    Cezzain Alam, Ranchi
  • I am indebted for facilities provided to all the students like me as they have helped in shaping our career. I am grateful to St. G.M. for everything & shall always hold my institute in the highest regards. I wish name, fame & success to all my juniors

    Gulam Murtaza, Ranchi